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Lan and Data Cables

Lan and Data Cables
Lan and Data Cables
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Cat 5e Utp

These cables ensure high performans up to 155 MHz. Different and very short lay lengths of pairs guarantee high crosstalk attenuation values.Screening protects vable against electromagnetic interference.


1.Solid copper conductor 

2.PE insulation 

3.PVC outer sheath


1.Working voltage : 250 V 

2.Test voltage : 1.2 KV 

3.Temp. range : -20 / +60ºC 

4.Insulation resistance: min. 5000 MΩkm 

5.Capacitance : max. 52,0 pF/m (1KHz) 

6.Impedance : 100±%15Ω(1MHz) 

7.Frequency : 155 MHz 

8.Length max. : 100m 

9.Attenuation : 22 dB (100 MHz)

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