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Fiber Optic Inside / Outside Cables

Fiber Optic Inside / Outside Cables
Fiber Optic Inside / Outside Cables
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A-DQ (BN)   2Y  ,

Indoor/Outdoor type installation - Designed for indoor/outdoor application to protect optical fiber for the unexpected mechanical and environmental conditions. - Qualification and acceptance testing are performed to assure the optical cable’s performance and durability in several environments. 

1- Building interconnection ,

2- Campus and Local Area Network ,

Fiber Type ;

SM 9/125 (G.652 d),

SM 9/125(G.655),

MM 62,5/125 – MM 50/125

Central tube design (Single Loose Tube, SLT) UV resistance Outer Sheath LSZH or HFFR Sheathing also possible in indoor applications Peripheral Strength Member is Glass yarn or Aramid yarn also possible in customer requests. 

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