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Signalling and control cables

Signalling and control cables
Signalling and control cables
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YY PVC Control Cable (coloured cores) 

Voltage:  300/500v 


1.Conductors: Plain annealed flexible copper 
2.Insulation:  PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) 
Core identification: 2 core: brown and blue 3 core: brown, blue & green/yellow 4 core: brown, grey, black & green/yellow 5 core: brown, blue, grey, black & green/yellow ,
3.Sheath/Jacket: PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)  
Application :
Cablu de control pentru conectarea echipamentelor în linii de producție / asamblare. Poate fi folosit între echipamente fixe și mobile
 Technical specification
- Temperature in long-run operation: +70 °C    
- Operational temperature range: -33°C          +70°C 
- Minimum temperature during installation: -5°C    
- UV resistant cable
Colour  Grey , Black or white


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