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Fiber Optic Outside Cables

Fiber Optic Outside Cables
Fiber Optic Outside Cables
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A-DF(ZN)2Y  , 

Designed for outdoor applications to protect optical fiber for the unexpected mechanical and environmental conditions 

1- Telecommunication applications ,

2- Video applications ,

3- Distribution ,

4- Long Haul Communication and

5- Metropolitan Communication Systems 

Fiber Type:

SM 9/125 /G.652 d),

SM 9/125(NZDSF) (G.655),

SM 9/125 (G.657 ) ,

MM 50 /125 OM2 ,

MM 62,5/125 OM1 ,

MM 50/125 OM3

Loose tube design UV resistance Outer Sheath (LDPE-MDPE or HDPE) Jelly Filled for Water resistance Dry core design is also available on customer request Dielectric Strength member (FRP) Peripheral Strength Member is glass yarn or Aramid yarn (If necessary) 

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